• Art direction & layout Elliot Ellis
  • Motion graphics Elliot Tawney

For E1’s first series of shows for 2022, I was in charge of devising an art and type system that would put the lineup front-and-centre, and allow each show to have its own identity that would reflect the music. Crucially, the concepts had to be animated for use as videos on social media platforms.

For the E1 × Pieces event, the bouncy nature of the music produced by artists on the lineup drove an art direction inspired by cells and bubbles. Through motion graphics, it was brought to life as a moving flyer, and as visuals for the production on the night.

Nightclub graphic containing colourful bubbles, and bold narrow typography.
Still, square format flyer for social media
Nightclub graphic displaying set time information, atop colourful bubble graphics.
Set times information graphic for social media

For an E1 presents event headlined by Jeff Mills, I was inspired by the analogue feeling of his hard-edged retro techno, and the repetitive pattern-based nature of his drum machine-led sound.

3 nightclub graphics featuring various colourful pattern-based graphics.

Transforming that notion into a visual concept was an extremely interesting process that went through many iterations, before coming to a design that hit all the right spots. The aim was to be very colourful, keeping a retro-futuristic feeling throughout.

Nightclub graphic containing colourful rectangular-based patterns, and bold narrow typography.
Still, square format flyer for social media