elliot ellis

graphic designer based in london


listen responsibly is a forward-thinking music magazine that strives to promote music listening as a precious and meaningful experience.

the project consisted of editorial design, identity, branding, and art direction, and is the result of months of experimentation and refinement.

it is deeply personal to me and feels like a culmination of everything i have been trying to achieve with my work in the past three years.

the magazine consists of a front matter section containing news and single reviews, a main section containing features, interviews, long-read articles, and reviews, and a listings section containing upcoming events and releases.

music coverage drifts towards the weird but wonderful, the underground but accessible, and the futuristic but now, and i have made many design and art decisions to reflect this musical ethos in a visual manner.

words © pitchfork

feature articles take upon their own colour scheme to give them their own sense of identity, but work within a design system that can accompany a wide range of content.

i spent a lot of time perfecting an overall layout and typographic system that would be methodical yet allowed freedom to experiment where needed.

art + words © crack magazine

art + words © crack magazine

the project contained a strong editorial aspect to it, where we were responsible for curating content that would fit the tone and brand of the magazine.

developing an overall editorial brand through the interaction of design and content was something i found fascinating to work with; the relationship is very subtle but extremely powerful.

photo + words © record culture magazine

front cover contains photograph by georgie pauwels, used under the cc by-nd 2.0 license

packaging design concept for a reissue of reagenz’s playtime lp, originally released in 2009 on workshop.

it involved the careful selection, arrangement, and treatment of photographs in order to create a dream-like environment that reflects the nostalgic and warm tones of the music.

identity, branding, art direction, graphic design, and web development for the 2018 reading school of art degree show.

deliverables included posters [above] and other promotional material, an exhibition website, and a publication.

attendees of the degree show could recieve one of four different covers on their publication.

all spreads were collaged by hand, photocopied, and scanned. digital software was used only to print off the images and type, and to compile the scans for print.

an editorial challenge to explore how word and image can be used together to create meaning.

i chose greta thunberg’s iconic ‘our house is on fire’ speech from the 2019 world economic forum in order to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis.

the cover depicts a firey coloured earth; i aimed for the planet to bee worryingly ambiguous at first before the reader takes a moment to realise it is their own.

loud and disruptive display typography is used as a reflection of the frantic nature of the issue; a method of visual shouting that still forces the reader to work to understand the message.

identity + branding for a [fictional] architecture conference.

deliverables included a2 poster design [above], social media animation, and an information leaflet for attendees.

‘2 3 2 2’

personal project consisting of photography + design for the covers of a series of mixtapes.

my aim with these is to tease the mood and setting of the music explored within.

‘brain yoga’

‘summer collapse’

‘lone and surrounded’