Installation shot in Brewers Towner International, Towner Eastbourne, 2022.
The matte black vinyl graphics utilise the entire first wall at the entrance to the exhibition.

Towner is a contemporary art gallery in Eastbourne, East Sussex. Using bold, dominant type alongside a black and white inverting colour scheme, we presented the gallery’s second installment of their open call exhibition with a serious yet playful graphic system.

A conscious decision to contrast the look of this event with the main Towner branding (which uses lots of bold colours), ensured that the client’s desire for the exhibition to stand out from the rest of the gallery’s calendar was met. The identity played out in the form of digital and print posters, and the vinyl wall graphics inside the exhibition.

An example of an animated version of the Brewers Towner International poster.

The overlapping and silhouetting of ‘TOWNER’ and ‘International’ created a range of graphic shapes that could be animated for digital contexts, or used to create different stills for each of the printed deliverables.

A wide web banner, showing the full type overlapping animation.
A full view of the overlapping of ‘TOWNER’ and ‘International’, used here for a web banner.
A Brewers Towner International poster in London Victoria station.
Posters were put up in various locations in Eastbourne and the south east, like here at London Victoria train station.
The posters for Brewers Towner International at a range of standard sizes, to scale.
Each poster at every different size presented a different still of the background/inversion graphics.
Installation shot in Brewers Towner International, Towner Eastbourne, 2022.