• By Elliot Ellis and Fraser Muggeridge, working in close collaboration with the artist. A project undertaken at Fraser Muggeridge studio.
The main title was sourced from letterforms from an early 20th century reproduction of historical type and lettering.

London-based artist Ayo Akingbade’s 2022 exhibition, Show Me The World Mister, consists of two films co-produced by Chisenhale Gallery, London and Spike Island, Bristol.

We were asked to design the titles and credits for both films, Faluyi, and The Fist. The resulting designs were evocative and representative of their respective film’s themes of history, placemaking, legacy, and power.

For Faluyi’s main credits, typeface choice, colour, spatial arrangement, and pacing were tightly balanced to match the backing music, and reflect the tone of the film as a whole.
The Fist’s subject matter of factory-based production inspired typography and transitions designed to reflect broken mechanical typesetting.